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Speech on Human Rights

Human rights are moral claims, and not legal rights. Legal rights exist within legal codes and enjoy recognition and protection of the law. It cannot be said to exist prior to its passing into law. The limits of its validity are set by the jurisdiction of the body passing that law. Moral rights claim to […]


Short Speech on Environment

Environment is the source of life. It not only directs but also determines the existence, growth and development of human beings and all their activities. The quality of our social life depends mostly on the quality of the natural environment. Primitive man was solely dependent for its existence (food, water and shelter, etc.) on the […]


Essential Characteristics of Entrepreneurs!

Keynotes of a Speech on Essential Characteristics of Entrepreneurs! As early as the 1950s, researchers began looking for personality factors that deter­mine the potential of a person to be an entrepreneur. This entrepreneurial trait school of thought has led to interest in identifying traits common to successful entrepreneurs. (more…)


Brand Values for Multinational Corporations

Speech on the Importance of Brand Values for Multinational Corporations ! The emergence of global customers is giving an opportunity to several companies to propagate common brand values across several nations. Being innovative, managing perceptions of a worldwide presence and doing societal goods are hallmarks of global brands. (more…)


Free Society for Growth of Private Companies

Speech on the Importance of Free Society for Growth of Private Companies! A free society needs both—a high level of individual wealth and a clean environment. The private enterprise system has to develop the capability of providing the elements of an improved quality of life. Industries have to meet environmental demands and yet maintain their […]

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